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-Name: ashley nicole brown

-Birthday (or age): april 15, 1985

-Location: springfield, mo

-Any nicknames?: of course - the unfortunate "ash." my dad named me ashley because he didn't think there were any nicknames associated with it. how wrong he was.

-Top 7 favorite musical artists: hmmm. sj tucker, ani difranco, tom petty, janis joplin, 311, hilary duff and my teenage guilty pleasure, hanson.

-Top 3 favorite movies: this is even harder! ever after, closer, the harry potter series.

-Hobbies/Specialties: reading, writing, playing final fantasy VII currently, studying

-Favorite color: purple!

-Favorite food: hmm. chocolate. or coffee. or sushi!

-Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: yes - his name is tim and we've been together for more than two years.

-Favorite famous Ashley: ooh. ashley olsen? ashley judd? are there any other famous ashleys?

-Do you like your name? if you could change it, would you and what would
you change it to?: i don't like my name only because so many other people have it. i may change it later, to something more interesting - or i might keep the ashley and change the last name.

-How did you find this community?: i actually saw on someone else's info a community called "emilysunite!" and i thought there might also be an "ashley" community. i found it! :D

-Favorite season: spring and fall.

-Favorite holiday: beltane.

-Siblings/Pets/Special friends: i have one kitty. she's a year old and her name is kali.

-Favorite website: i heart my google homepage:

-Got any cool pictures of yourself or anything else you wanna show us? er... i shall post pictures later. thanks to whoever began this community :D

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