Ashley M (areida_hermione) wrote in ashleysunite,
Ashley M


This community looks awesome.

-Name: Ashley, of course.

-Birthday(or age): March 1st. I'm 13.

-Location: South Carolina, the US.

-Any nicknames?: Ash, usually.

-Top 7 favorite musical artists: Um, well, I usually listen to movie soundtracks and other multi-artist CDs, so I don't really have 7 favorite musical artists.

-Top 3 favorite movies: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Moulin Rouge, and the Day After Tomorrow.

-Hobbies/Specialties: I read and write a lot of Harry Potter fanfiction, I love music, and this is my 6th year playing the cello.

-Favorite color: Blue.

-Favorite food: Chocolate, or pepperoni pizza.

-Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Yes, his name's Will and we've ben dating about 9 months.

-Favorite famous Ashley: Um, Ashley Olsen, I guess.

-Do you like your name? if you could change it, would you and what would
you change it to?:
yep, no change for me.

-How did you find this community? By searching for "ashley".

-Favorite season: Fall, I think.

-Favorite holiday: Christmas.

-Siblings/Pets/Special friends: A brother, a sister, a cat named Ella.

-Favorite website: LJ.

-Got any cool pictures of yourself or anything else you wanna show us? Nope.
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Deleted comment

Sorry, don't have a digital camera or anything. :(
welcome earthling!
Thanks! :)
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