Herbie Bueno (orangulent) wrote in ashleysunite,
Herbie Bueno

-Name: Ashley K. Petty
-Birthday: August 6th, 1983 [making me 22]
-Location: Decatur, IL.
-Any nicknames?: Orang, Herbie Bueno, Petaugh [pronounced "pee-taw", it's supposed to be the french version of my last name, har har]. I refuse to answer to "Ash".
-Top 7 favorite musical artists: Reel Big Fish, Ben Folds, Peggy Lee, Hanson, Saves The Day, Cake, and Kanye West. [subject to change daily]
-Top 3 favorite movies: Toy Story, The House of Yes, and Gone With The Wind.
-Hobbies/Specialties: I doodle a lot, my specialty being MSpaint. I also enjoy reading, bowling, video games, Cranium, playing Spades, and decorating cupcakes.
-Favorite color: Orange, no doubt. I've collected orange shoes since I was 13.
-Favorite food: Rueben sandwiches.
-Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Yes.
-Favorite famous Ashley: The Ashleys, a la Disney's Recess.
-Do you like your name? if you could change it, would you and what would
you cange it to?:
No, can't say I'm a big fan. I once had a cooking class where there were, I kid you not, 5 Ashleys, including one male. I'm happy to see it's becoming less common.
-How did you find this community? Well, I tried searching for "Ashley rules", but returned no result, so I just searched for "Ashley".
-Favorite season: Fall/Winter.
-Favorite holiday: Halloween.
-Siblings/Pets/Special friends: I have a younger brother, Donovan, who's 20. I also have a dog,Tasha, who is 15, and these guys are my best friends.
-Favorite website: Amazon.com, where I can obsessively add things to my wishlist.
-Got any cool pictures of yourself or anything else you wanna show us? Sure. Click on me:
title or description
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