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-Name: Ashley Marie (seems I'm in some good company on this one)
-Birthday(or age): May 14, 1986; thus making me 19.
-Location: New Jersey
-Any nicknames?: Ley, Leelee, Lucy, Ashhole, Gustauve
-Top 7 favorite musical artists: Today: Jack's Mannequin, Cursive, Mogwai, Rilo Kiley, The Arcade Fire, Say Anything, The Flaming Lips
-Top 3 favorite movies: I'm not much of a movie buff, but I do enjoy: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I ♥ Huckabees, and the original (b&w) 12 Angry Men
-Hobbies/Specialties: Music, a lot of it. Reading. And making an ass out of myself in almost all situations.
-Favorite color: Green.
-Favorite food: Tie between sushi and veggie tempura.
-Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: I'm, how should I say it, rather abrasive; so no.
-Favorite famous Ashley: Ashley Wilkes? Heh, I was actually named after him.
-Do you like your name? if you could change it, would you and what would
you change it to?:
I really don't mind my name. A name's just a name, its not like you really got any say in the matter so it's nothing to get upset over.
-How did you find this community? Two of my friends are members of communities celebrating their respective names and I am a sheep (baa) so I felt the need to do so as well.
-Favorite season: Summer. I'm a beach bum at heart.
-Favorite holiday: Christmas. Free stuff, 'nough said.
-Siblings/Pets/Special friends: 2 sisters, a dog, and a hamster.
-Favorite website: Heh, there's a few. QC or Zug or Elephantitis of the Mind. I'll stop now.

-Got any cool pictures of yourself or anything else you wanna show us?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

For real, like the only picture I have of myself. How myspace.
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