Ashley Marie (randomlythnking) wrote in ashleysunite,
Ashley Marie


-Name: i'm Ashley R.

-Birthday(or age): 22 (Feb. 17)

-Location: Fullerton, CA but usually San Diego, CA

-Any nicknames?: Ash, Ash-Bash, A-Boogie

-Top 7 favorite musical artists: (in no order) Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, The Bravery, Eminem, Jack Johnson

-Top 3 favorite movies: (in no order) Empire Records, Rebel Without A Cause, Casino

-Hobbies/Specialties: music, movies, books, shopping, shoes, purses, makeup, perfume

-Favorite color: blue, red, black

-Favorite food: mexican and asian

-Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: no

-Favorite famous Ashley: Ashley Judd

-Do you like your name? if you could change it, would you and what would you change it to?: i love my name. i didn't at first, because everyone has this name, but i've come to terms with it and i still love my name! it's a cool one!

-How did you find this community? a random ashley search

-Favorite season: spring

-Favorite holiday: 4th of July

-Siblings/Pets/Special friends: 1 brother, 1 sister, no pets and a ton of special buds!

-Favorite website: (my myspace!)

-Got any cool pictures of yourself or anything else you wanna show us? umm...not now (since i'm at work) but check the icon!
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